Hello! Welcome to Extroweb.net

What is Extroweb?

Extroweb is a monthly newsletter for bloggers with creative subjects like cooking, photography, fashion, or even parenthood. It includes interviews, resources, and a guide to the best online content for business minded babes. Let us do all the reading for you, so you can save time and get back to creating your dream job.

What’s Included in the Newsletter?

  • Original interviews with other business women, bloggers, and creatives.  Use their experience and know-how to get a leg up in your own game plan.
  • Free resources, downloads, and printables.
  • A guide to best online content.  We’ll read through it all and report back with the best stuff.  Save your time for other things!

How Often is it Delivered?

While things get started we’ll be delivering monthly, and will move up to a weekly newsletter once we get into the swing of things.

How Can I Submit Content?

If you’d like to submit original content for inclusion in our newsletter please send a pitch to laura@extroweb.net.

If you’d like your blog to be included in our reading list, please e-mail me at laura@extroweb.net and tell me about your blog and where I can find it.  If your blog is not focused on our topic matter, but you have a specific post that you would like us to consider for inclusion – please e-mail me as well!

About the Editor


laurabarajasI grew up using technology, and spent many years working around websites. Even so, getting into the blogging world felt daunting and sometimes even futile. What works, and what doesn’t work? I dreamed of a space where I could create a launchpad for other women who also want to start blogging.

I’m a mom and wife, and a creatively bent blogger from the Monterey Bay area. I am the cook and YouTube creator behind Get in My Kitchen! It’s a keto/low carb lifestyle blog where I share recipes, reviews, and my personal weight loss journey.

I was interested in the internet from a very young age. I started creating websites at the tender age of 12, learning how to code HTML by hand. By the age of 16 I worked for a larger marketing firm and owned my own web design business. Life ended up taking me in another direction, towards the food world, but I never stopped creating. In my early twenties I founded a short lived music magazine, and got back into blogging after that venture ended.